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Our Formula for Success

With deep roots in employee communications and engagement, our team understands what it takes in today’s environment to cut through the noise – to truly move the needle.


The perspective we bring is approaching every situation with an employee-centric mindset. Communication plans often sound great when being presented to leadership. Further, it becomes necessary for HR professionals to play the role of communicator due to a lack of support from a centralized communications function. These factors inevitably cause a check-the-box mentality to creep in where by information is conveyed to employees with little context.


MDL Strategic Communications brings value to organizations by:


  • Boosting productivity

  • Increasing employee participation

  • Effectuating change adoption

  • Unlocking cultural insights


Quite simply, our goal is to assist clients in developing a trusted narrative that captures the attention of their more important audiences. We are especially good at leveraging this approach internally to garner trust and loyalty from any organization's most valued asset – its people.

Storytelling workbook for beginners

Stages of Engagement

Passive Engagement

Internal Communications

This first step represents the sharing of information with employees. It’s a one-way exchange to keep employees informed. Sometimes these communications are targeted to specific groups, e.g. people managers.

Employee Relations

During this phase, employees are invited to participate in a two-way dialogue about a given topic. This can manifest in the form of focus groups, town halls or even on corporate social media platforms like Yammer.

Culture Creation

The culture of any organization is set by employees and how they are feeling. Bringing employees into the conversation, listening to their needs, and responding is the only true way to shape (or re-shape) the workplace culture.

Brand Ambassadorship

 After leadership has “walked the walk” most employees will begin to feel a strong affinity for the company at which they work. This manifests in the external environment when they become brand advocates both online and in the real world.

Active Engagement

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